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New ‘Streetwear’ Kimono Pattern Design

The Creative Graces from 3 Graces Design Studio recently visited the “Kimono Refashioned” exhibit at the Asian Museum in San Francisco. The exhibit inspired us to design a ‘streetwear’ kimono for a new product line. This tunic length kimono is short enough to wear over jeans or slacks.

Cassandra Carpenter is the pattern designer for 3 Graces Design Studio. When designing a new pattern, Cass uses her extensive costume library to look for elements she wants to incorporate into the design. This phase requires extensive research and sketching out of ideas. It may take several sketches to determine the best combination of design elements before deciding to make a ‘mock-up’ of the final sketch. Once this phase of the design is complete and the mock up is made changes to length, or sleeve cut will be made for a prototype pattern. In our next segment we will show photos of the prototypes and the design sketches. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to get the latest updates!