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5 Ways to Make an at Home Spa Experience

If you enjoy the feeling of going to a spa but don’t have time or the money, why not make a ‘spa experience’ at home? I have a few easy suggestions that make a spa experience at home. I thought about my spa experiences and discovered a few things I could do at home.

First, Schedule It!

Check your schedule and block out a time when you can devote an hour or more to pampering. When you book an appointment at a spa you have to schedule the time and drive to the location. Treat your at home spa experience as an appointment, schedule it!

2. Gather all your ‘Spa Luxuries’ in advance

Have a box or spot in the linen closet to store all you ‘spa items’ away from the everyday bathroom items. When it comes time for your ‘appointment’ you won’t spend time searching for them. When you pull out that spa bundle you will know its time for some pampering!

3. Spa Luxury – A Beautiful, All cotton, Spa Robe

As you are preparing for your experience and afterward, you will want a spa robe that is 100% cotton and beautiful too. The robe will make you feel beautiful and be comfortable for relaxing after your spa experience. At 3 Graces Design Studio we make kimono style spa robes that would be perfect for your spa experience but practical enough to wear everyday because our 100% cotton robes are machine washable. A luxury that you will enjoy for years.

4. Spa Luxury- A Handmade Soap or ‘Bath Bomb’

Find a nice handmade soap that has a wonderful scent and makes you feel like you’re in a spa. If your bath space is shared, you could keep it in your spa box just for you! Pick a soap that is natural without preservatives or additives. You want to make the experience healthful and nourishing to your skin. We feature Diamond Bird Soaps with our kimono style spa robes for their pure and simple ingredients. Add one to your kimono order under Spa Experience.

A plush bath towel will add to the spa feeling.

5. Spa Luxury- A plush bath towel

One of the things I have always found appealing about spa experiences is the towels! Thick and soft, the towels make it feel special. I realized the towels I was using, were old, I had them for years and although they were good quality, they lost their plush feel. I bought a bath sheet, a larger towel, in a plush almost velvet feel. This is my special spa towel. You only need the ‘one special’ spa towel, so splurge and get one that feels like a luxury.

These are just a few of the simple things that you can do to create a Spa Experience at Home. Of course you can add decorative touches like candles or rose petals to step up the spa feeling a notch. But these 5 suggestions will give you a starting point toward enjoying a spa experience without leaving home.

Sheila, Creative Grace at 3 Graces Design

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Pure and Simple: Handcrafted Soaps

Hand-crafted soaps made with high quality plant based oils, herbs and botanical ingredients.

Clean living, its more than a catch phrase, its the entire purpose of Diamond Bird, LLC handcrafted soaps. I recently sat down with Tanisha Bruns, owner and maker of Diamond Bird soaps. We talked about caring for the most important and visible part of your body, your skin.  3 Graces Design Studio is offering Diamond Bird soaps in our Kimono Spa Robe gift bundles and  I wanted to learn more about the woman behind these handcrafted soaps

A ‘Rash’ of Discoveries

I asked Tanisha, “Why did you start making your handcrafted soap?” She explained that she had been loyal to a well known brand of commercially made soap but began to notice that her skin was dry, itchy and not healthy. She decided to look at the package to see what was actually in her favorite brand. What she read was a list of ingredients that she couldn’t pronounce, all kinds of chemical additives and preservatives. As a former Army nurse she understood that the soap was not helping her skin and that these products could be harming her. She decided that she needed to learn about soap making and was determined to make high quality soaps from plant-based oils, herbs and free from harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Military Service and Core Values

Tanisha explained that the leadership values of integrity and education that she followed during her military career are core concepts she incorporates into her handcrafted soap business. First and foremost, Tanisha is service oriented. She incorporates customer input on developing new product lines and scents. She is honest about the ingredients in her product. Tanisha prides herself on having 16 or less ingredients in her soaps. She has an Artisan product line that is fragrance soap with micas or lab created coloring, an All Natural line with only essential oil scents and clay or vegetable powder coloring. She also recently added a Vegan line the has no dairy products, honey or Tussah, a type of silk additive. She enjoys educating customers on what ingredients are good for skin and all her ingredients are there to serve a beneficial purpose. Diamond Bird’s products are the highest quality and her customer service values make her product an obvious choice for 3 Graces Design Studio to incorporate into our Spa Bundles.

We are proud to offer Diamond Bird handcrafted soaps in our new Kimono Spa Robe gift bundles. The addition of Diamond Bird to our kimono robes supports another small handcrafted business and provides our customers with a total spa package to make you feel beautiful!