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Georgia O’Keeffe Inspired Custom Kimono

We just delivered a custom kimono for a client who loves the artist Georgia O’Keeffe! In keeping with our philosophy of wearing something beautiful everyday, our client asked that we make a kimono inspired by her favorite Georgia O’Keeffe painting. We sent her fabric samples that were similar in color and form. She provided her measurements and we designed her kimono! It was challenging to get all the fabric and details right during a COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we are now offering virtual custom kimono consultations on ZOOM! Once we get a custom request for a kimono we will send a Zoom meeting link and you will meet directly with the kimono makers! Our client loves her new kimono and because of the ‘Stay at Home’ mandate, she is able to wear her kimono more than she ever expected. Imagine lounging in a wearable work of art!

The Georgia O’Keeffe Paintings that were the inspiration for the custom kimono fabric.

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